Posted on Feb 28, 2021

Mary's PetVilla Cattery & Kennel

This morning, we were asked why we use contact-less procedures and masks when in contact with Customers if it is only Level 2.

Like the Ministry of Health and MPI recommend, any business should assess their setup and customer base to determine appropriate measures.

A Pet Boarding Business is a place where pet parents bring their furry family members because of travel or work. This means we interact, for example, with people coming back from Auckland or people that have to go to work to keep us safe.

We are a place with a higher likelihood that people from different areas interact with each other, us, and our staff.

Especially during this time, with the new variants of COVID-19 that infect spreads easier. For this reason, we think it is better to be overprotective than to do too little.

For this reason - like last May, August, or two weeks ago- Marys PetVilla has implemented contact-less handover for Level 2.

Tours in the Cattery or the Dog Area are postponed during Level 2, as it is hard to keep the distance of 1 Meter from each other, which is part of the Level 2 Guidelines.

Our protocols are in place to help everyone stay safe, and we ask everyone for their understanding.
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